By virtue of having operated a company solely focused on the pop-up industry for over four years, we probably know more about pop-ups than anyone. The proof is in the numbers.

As thought leaders, our job is to help pop-up organizers achieve their objectives – the goals of some pop-ups are revenue-based, while others are more experiential in nature, hoping to capture as many customers as possible and generate buzz. Regardless of your goals, we offer various services to help you promote (or locate) a pop-up space:

Plan Comparison

Our most basic plan, called Fundamentals, entitles property owners to post basic information about their spaces on our directory. These listings can be accessed by public viewers, at no charge.

If you would also to receive referrals from inquiries we receive, too, we can do that for you, and you will only have to pay a modest fee for each referral we forward to you (kind of like click-and-pay Google ads, but even more qualified — see the Find Me a Match section below)

Our Total Platform package puts your Space in front of the viewing public wherever they turn.


  • We start by giving your listing a priority front-and-center position on our national directory.
  • A totally customizable listing — include a full description, up to ten photos, a pinpoint map, and your contact information for brands to reach out to you directly!
  • Listings will remain on our site for twelve (12) months.
  • We will provide Twitter support (over 14,000 followers!) to drive viewers to your specific listing.

Although Pop-Up Spaces are typically of interest to a specific niche of brands looking for spaces in a particular area, we guarantee that your listing will receive at least 100 individual page views!

We have a special section devoted to spaces that are preferred among our clients. These locations offer unique benefits in terms of existing foot traffic and promotional support, which is why we give them their own, dedicated page on our site. These listings get all of the privileges and benefits of a Total Platform listing, but are not subject to the $99 listing fee. Instead, we work on a success-fee-only referral basis. For more information, please contact

For pop-up organizers looking for the perfect space, we can help find the ideal location for your concept! Our Merchant Support referral fee is only $4.99 per referral. For additional information or to get started, click here to sign up.