PopUps can take many forms including hotels. PopUp hotels, like all pop-ups, are only open for a limited number of days in the year. The time period can be anything from a weekend to a season. The pop-up hotels truly exemplify the creativity and breadth of pop-ups. In this blog, I will be highlighting two of them today.

Winter Wonderland:

Many enjoy traveling during winter. The holiday time has many types of vacation destinations. Some try to escape the cold by traveling to a warm tropical island. However, many seek out and flock to winter wonderlands. One such winter hotel is the very definition of a popup. It is a hotel made entirely of ice and built every year.

hotel de ic

If you want to feel like you are in Disney’s Frozen, Hotel de Glace is the way to go. Hotel de Glace is a hotel in Quebec Canada primarily made of ice. The hotel is only open from January to March every year and they build the hotel every year! The beds have a solid ice base and guests sleep in arctic sleeping bags that can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius. Hotel de Glace gives guests a one of a kind experience.

hotel 2

A Family Summer Vacation:

The Family Vacation Center is an all-inclusive family camp located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. During the summer months, college students and recent graduates turn University of California Santa Barbara’s dormitories and campus into a summer family camp. During the one week stay, there are activities for both adults and kids. Adults can choose activities ranging from wine tasting, biking, horseback riding, paddle boarding, kayaking and much more. For the kids, there are camp counselors for different age groups ranging from small world (1-2 year olds) all the way to high school. Depending on the group, kids have a bunch of activities to do. Some of the activities are roasting smores at a campfire, the zoo, surfing and more. From karaoke to painting, the Family Vacation Center offers a wide breadth of activities. The staff is also lively and engaging. The counselors sing campfire songs, put on a play, and actively go out of their way to make you feel like you are on vacation.

hotel 3

This particular Pop-up Hotel is only open for 8-9 weeks in the summer time. Once fall comes around the guest rooms, counselor homerooms, and front desk all turn back into a dormitory to house UCSB students. This experience has amazing online reviews and leaves the family with an unforgettable experience.