Outstanding in the Field

Outstanding in the Field Popular

Host Farmers: Erik & Doniga Markegard, Markegard Family Grass-Fed | Jenner Headlands, Jenner, CA (Sonoma County) Guest Chef: Ryan McIlwraith, Bellota, San Francisco, CA


The Jenner Headlands are spectacularly beautiful but have notoriously difficult weather - except at the end of October and the very beginning of November. The wind will calm, allowing us to place our table on a hillside with a spectacular view of the sea. The Markegards are profoundly knowledgeable about ranching and care for the land. Our first dinner this year was at their ranch in Pescadero; now at the tail end of our season, we come to their Jenner spread. Bellota was Eater SF’s 2016 Restaurant of the Year. Chef Ryan will bring the regional cuisine of Spain to the OITF table.