Location…Location…Location. It matters in real estate — and it matters even more in pop-up real estate.

So much of a pop-up’s success is based on being in the right place at the right time.

Services for Space Owners/Operators

If you are a property owner, there is now an unprecedented opportunity to generate significant incremental income by making your space available to brands looking to create pop-up shops, pop-up restaurants or pop-up events.

Not only can you fill your space during otherwise unused times, but we can help create pop-up concepts (think food truck festivals, farmers markets, etc.) in common areas, parking lots, and vacant spaces.

Services for Existing Retail/Restaurant Owners

If you already operate a “permanent” restaurant, you can augment your income by playing host to pop-up restaurants within your restaurant on days or at times in which your operation is closed.  If you run a permanent retail store, perhaps you can allocate some space to a pop-up that can add to your foot traffic, plus pay you rent!

Types of Properties Most In-Demand

  • Traditional Vacant Storefronts:  Brick-and-mortar commercial storefronts provide an important physical presence to online retailers and to brands looking to promote their products in a cutting-edge way.
  • Shopping Malls:  Whether by filling inline store vacancies, or by making use of common areas and parking lots, you can generate income from otherwise underutilized spaces — and we can help you do that by organizing events, start-to-finish.
  • Creative/Alternative Spaces:  If you have a commercial or public space, then it means you have a property suitable to pop-ups.  One of the cool things about pop-up shops, pop-up restaurants and pop-up events is that many are looking specifically for non-traditional settings in which to host their pop-ups.
  • SWS/RWR:  Your existing store (Stores-Within-Stores) or restaurant (Restaurants-Within-Restaurants) can provide an ideal space for pop-ups.  If it’s a retail shop, you can attract complementary brands (e.g., fashion with accessories, candles with flowers, etc.), providing them space within your existing, permanent shop and benefiting both from rental income and from increased foot traffic.  If you operate an existing restaurant, it’s a potential home run! During hours or on days when you are otherwise closed, you can offer a pop-up chef a location that is practically turnkey for a pop-up restaurant to be situated.