Imagine what Netflix, Amazon Prime, or the new Apple streaming platform would be if they had no shows to broadcast.  Viewers would stop tuning in.

Presently, shopping malls are racing to redefine themselves as experiential destinations.  To do that — i.e., to fill the vacancies left by departing retailers — most are looking to popups to populate their empty spaces and underutilized common areas, and to help create a sense among consumers of FOMO — a Fear of Missing Out.

What popups are to malls is what shows and movies are to media — content.

The problem is that there isn’t enough content to fill the empty retail spaces.  While popups are proliferating and going mainstream, brands and event producers are not activating nearly enough popups to fill the void.  By their very nature, popups are short-term installations and they are still vastly outnumbered by the number of vacancies, a number that keeps growing.

So we’ve come up with an entirely novel approach.  We’ve curated our own popups!  We now have a portfolio of over 30 popups (and growing) that can be activated across the country on a turnkey basis —  on demand!

This portfolio, called PopUps Across America, comes in all shapes and sizes.  Some are fashion, beauty and wellness activations.  Several are exciting food concepts.  We have events geared toward women, men and families.  We can accommodate spaces of all dimensions, including some of those hard-to-rent inline spaces as well as common areas.

And one more thing.  Virtually all of the popups in the PopUps Across America portfolio are structured to generate revenue for the mall.  The goal is for the popups to be a source of ancillary income, not just a line item expense.

If you would like to find out more about the on demand popup collection of PopUps Across America, please contact us at  We’d love to discuss your needs and tell you more about our exciting new platform.