PopUp Republic provides various platforms for artists, makers, and designers of all kinds to gain additional exposure for their handiworks and to increase the income they derive from them.

One such way we seek to provide a service to the industry is by organizing events such as two that are coming up under the canopy of New England Handmade, a festival we are organizing together with General Growth Properties, one of the largest shopping mall owner/operators in the country.  The first segment of New England Handmade will take place on Saturday, June 18th at Providence Place mall in Providence, RI. The second part will be held on Saturday, July 9th at The Maine Mall in South Portland, ME.

There is no upfront fee for vendors to participate in either event!  This is a unique opportunity with lots of upside, and very little downside!

Instead, our format is this:  If you make money, we make money.  If you don’t make money, we don’t make money.  Our participation fee is 20% of sales. That’s it.

We are anticipating thousands and thousands of shoppers to be visiting these two shopping centers — each among the most heavily-visited in all of New England — on the days the events are held.  In addition to the regular crowds of Saturday shoppers, PopUp Republic and General Growth Properties will engage in extensive public relations campaigns to promote the event and the talented artisans who will be showcasing their works.

Special Bonus:  At the closing of each expo, we will be holding an auction.  Each vendor is invited to contribute up to three items for the auction, under the same format — you keep the lion’s share of the proceeds (80%), we’ll keep 20%.  We will promote the auction items online for two weeks prior to the actual event and offer the opportunity to buyers to purchase the item at a pre-set valuation.

New England Handmade Hours: 10am to 7pm. Auction Hours: 7pm to 9pm.


Please complete the application below. If you choose to participate in an auction as well, mark your selection accordingly and we will be in touch with you.