Kevin and Aneliya's United World Dinner Pop-Up Series

Kevin and Aneliya's United World Dinner Pop-Up Series

Hello friends. Happy New Year! 2016 was a crappy year. But together we can make 2017 better!

In 2016, Giulio Regeni, my high school classmate, died in Egypt. A string of terrorists attacks left us sad and fearful (Pulse, Nice). Syria became even more of a ghastly killing field; with the govt. winning thanks to Russian help. Britons decided to leave Europe. We, on our side of the Atlantic, proved that Americans are even dumber and elected a con-man orange fat-blob-reality-TV-star who may or may not usher in a nuclear apocalypse. The world seems to have gone half mad.

So we decided that for 2017 we want to do SOMETHING towards making the world a better place.

We put together the following equation:

What we're good at: dinner parties filled with great conversation + What we are passionate about: United World Colleges (UWC); Refugees; an open and welcoming world; hanging out with fun people

MONTHLY POP-UP DINNER PARTIES to benefit the UWC Refugee scholarship.

How it works? It's just a dinner party. You come with a smile; We will cook for you and there will be great company. We take pride in the quality of our friends! There are 8 spots each month; RSVP to a dinner party here. RSVPs are free but if you do come, we kindly ask you donate towards our cause (read 'What's the fundraising?' below).Please also share this amongst your social networks. We mainly look forward to blending good people and talking about the world; our lives; other profound topics...and maybe play some party games.

What's the fundraising? We ask that you donate an amount of money you feel is appropriate towards the UWC Refugee scholarship; we suggest at least $25, but we leave it up to you. Tax-deductible donations go directly to UWC USA (never to us, the cooking and ingredients are pro-bono) and can be given here:

We are fundraising as part of the overall UWC New York fundraiser (and if you care about education, intl. understanding and helping a talented refugee, you can too!) and you can see our group stats here:

If you have friends, family that cannot physically come to dinner but would like to donate to this worthy cause, please pass it along!

More about this partnership here:

And if you too would like to organize your own dinner or other event (cocktail party/run/concert/getaway/etc.) to benefit UWC, We happy to help you set something up. It takes a village and we hope you'll join us. TAGS Things To Do In Jersey City, NJ Party Charity & Causes SHARE WITH FRIENDS Facebook Facebook Messenger LinkedIn Twitter email