Hotels are being buffeted by competition coming from many fronts.  There are new residential alternatives as represented by the likes of Airbnb and Home Away.  Micro hotels have become fast-growing players in the hotel arena.  Condo and office buildings are joining in, converting their empty spaces into overnight lodging.  And perhaps the biggest challenge of all comes from the various ways that business people can communicate with one another, such as video conferencing, without needing to travel to meet with their counterparts.

To meet these challenges, hotels are looking for other ways to attract customers, generate income, and differentiate themselves.  One approach to consider is PopUp Republic’s All-You-Can-Pop popup restaurant series, because whether they realize it or not, hotels are the perfect venues at which to host unique, exciting popup restaurants.

Think about it.  Hotels come with all of the needed ingredients — certified commercial kitchens; expert culinary professionals; empty parlor rooms; tables, chairs, linen, flatware, and cutlery; parking; and on-site management and promotional capability.

PopUp Republic has been providing end-to-end popup services across the United States for over seven years.  Its unique PopUps Across America platform is a veritable incubator of popup ideas and curations.  We can create an exciting white label popup restaurant series for your hotels, themed dining events that would entice both your hotel guests as well as the public at large.

Each popup restaurant is structured to be a revenue generator for the hotel, creating ancillary income from assets that are already in place at the hotel but are underutilized.

If you would like to learn more about our All-You-Can-Pop program, we invite you to email us at   And feel free to inquire about our other hotel popup opportunities as well!