Shed 2
Shed 2 is the oldest shed, built in 1891. In 2008, construction was completed to update the shed to include modern amenities without sacrificing its original integrity. It is not available during public market hours.

Capacity without tables: 3,400 people
Capacity with tables: 1,590 people
Shed 3
Shed 3 is the most flexible choice. It was constructed in 1922 and extensively renovated in 2009. It has four wings, and during some public market hours, there may be a wing available (except on Saturdays).

Capacity without tables: 3,120 people
Capacity with tables: 1,891 people
Shed 5
Shed 5 was built in 1981. It’s enclosed, and includes a plaza along Russell Street, plus a community kitchen, after the completion of an $8.5 million project in 2015 to restore and enhance the shed. Shed 5 is heated, has restrooms, and a commons room.

Capacity without tables: 1,980 people
Capacity with tables: 1,128 people