Step 1: What Type of Pop-Up Are You Organizing?

  • Hint: Select the type of pop-up that most applies to your concept. For example:
    • A pop-up event is a pop-up gathering geared toward providing an “experience.” Most commonly, a festival or fair.
    • A pop-up restaurant is any temporary dining concept. This can be in the form of a restaurant, supper club, food truck, or beer and wine dinner.
    • A pop-up shop is a temporary retail environment. Think pop-up halloween costume shops. (i.e., any pop-up that sells products).
    • A pop-up space is any type of space available to host a pop-up. This can include vacant real estate, personal residences, existing businesses, etc. If you are the owner, manager or representative of a space, add it to our site for pop-up brands and organizers to view.

Step 2: Select the most appropriate category for your pop-up.

  • Helpful Guide: This is where you select your location (e.g., “Los Angeles Pop-Up Shops”). This is a crucial step, as it affects where your listing is placed on our directory.

Step 3: Select a pricing package.

  • Our packages are designed with the customer in mind! Reminder: if you want your listing to receive maximum exposure and generate the most interest on our site, it is advised that you choose a paid plan.

Step 4: Complete all fields.

  • The more information you provide about your pop-up, the better chance you have at attracting the most customers!
    • Hint: Our paid packages offer the most fields, and thus, the greatest opportunity to submit a complete listing.