Battle of the Sexes! 5-Course Comparative Wine Dinner w/Chef Erin Sealy

Battle of the Sexes! 5-Course Comparative Wine Dinner w/Chef Erin Sealy Popular

Don't miss a very fun evening of great wine and comparative tasting!

We're very excited to announce our next Pop Up Dinner with Chef Erin Sealy at our East Village location, Boutique Vino! Please join us for a wonderful evening of wine and comparative tasting featuring 8 wines from the Jackson Family portfolio! We'll be featuring 4 rounds of side-by-side tastings of two wines, one featuring a female winemaker, the other crafted by a male winemaker. Attendees will get to guess which wine was crafted by which winemaker, female or male. There will even be a prize for the guest who has the most correct responses! Representative Leigha Cornett will be presenting the wines and discussing each of the selections & idiosyncrasies of the different appellations and vintages.

Each selection will be paired with its own wine inspired dinner course, prepared by Chef Erin Sealy. Chef Erin specializes in pairing food with wine, with a slightly different approach than most. Prior to creating a menu, each wine is tasted and reviewed and then she creates a food pairing, highlighting the nuances of each wine. This concept creates a dinner and pairing experience with layers of complexity and unique creations which exemplify the enjoyment of each wine. With a passion for food and wine, Chef Erin delights attendees with a detailed account of the pairing concept and cooking techniques that create each course. Expect a fabulous evening of wine, food & educational insights! Please see below for additional dinner details and a registration link.

Wine & Dinner Menu:

Chardonnay Comparative
Dueling Crostini | Shaved Chicken Breast | Lemon Caper Sauce | Sautéed Mushroom Puree | Fresh Spinach | Caper Butter Baguette | Seared Jumbo Scallop | Nutmeg Brie Cream | Tarragon + Almond Pesto | Croissant Crostini
Pinot Noir Comparative
Protein Duo | Seared Sashimi Grade Salmon | Fennel Butter Puree | Fresh Arugula | Wild Mushroom + Herbed Goat Cheese Risotto | Spice Brined + Roasted Pork Loin | Tart Cherry Reduction
Bordeaux Style Comparative
 Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder | Vegetable Mélange | Mascarpone | Smoked Sea Salt | Chef Erin's Espresso Linguini | Crispy Brussels Sprouts | Lamb Shank Confit
Rhone Style Comparative
Spice Rubbed Slow Roasted + Broiled Brisket | Smoked Ricotta Mashed Red Skins | Caramelized Eggplant Mousse | Sauce Tomat | Sautéed Greens + Fennel
Complimentary Chef Erin's Dark Chocolate Soft Brittle


5-Course Wine Dinner $85/person (Excludes tax & 18% gratuity)

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