Dinosaurs are flying, swimming and running into Northbrook Court this holiday season, November 22 to December 31!

BUY TICKETS NOW…Before it goes Extinct!

Located on the second floor above the children’s play area, Age of the Dinosaurs transports visitors of all ages to the prehistoric glory days of the Dinosaurs, when they ruled the world before going extinct. Incredibly lifelike moving and roaring  exhibits offer a rare look at heartwarming scenes of Jurassic family life. You will feel the anticipation, as excited Protoceratops parents watch their nest of hatchlings breaking out of their eggs! Forage the forest floor with a family of Chasmosaurs as mama looks back over her shoulder to check on the little one following behind. Wander along a river bank with adult and child Apatosaurs as they entwine their ever-so-long necks, all under the watchful eye of a Pteronadon soaring overhead.

pteronodon-room-cosi     proto-bkgd     apata-w-juvenile-bkgd

In addition, hands-on and interactive stations engage the senses and stimulate the mind! Get under T-rex’s skin and remotely control its mechanical frame; build a custom dinosaur; or dig for fossils with friends…And don’t miss the chance for one-of-a-kind selfies and portraits: climb on Triceratops for a ride, or stick your head in T-rex’s mouth!

Hurry over to Northbrook Court Mall in Northbrook, Illinois before this exhibit goes extinct, and take care of some holiday gift shopping needs at the Age of the Dinosaurs gift shop!