This is an all-mouths alert for Chicagoans who love the freshness, variety, deliciousness, fun and low prices of the city’s famous food truck scene:  Over a Baker’s Dozen of Chicago’s most popular food trucks will be participating in the Food Truck World Series playoff on Monday, Columbus Day, October 10.  The chow down will take place at Northbrook Mall from 11 am to 4 pm. and will represent a cross-section of international, national, and local cuisine.

Columbus Day at the mall is now a lot more than shopping for sales (taking nothing away from shopping for sales, mind you)!  You can now bring the whole family and make everyone happy.  It’s a great way to spend the holiday.

Among those that are scheduled to appear:

  • Mothers TruckN Good Food
  • Beavers Donuts
  • Big World’s
  • Cupcakes for Courage
  • Robinson’s Ribs
  • Ms Tittles Cupcakes
  • Toasty Cheese Mobile Eatery
  • Yum Dum
  • The Cajun Connoisseur
  • Amancer Tacos
  • Da Lobsta
  • A. Sweets Girl
  • Aztec Dave’s
  • La Cocinita
  • Chicago Pizza Boss

This will truly be a new World Classic!